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Quality and dependability for the future. Labwe has been universally recognized as the ideal supplier in providing reliable centrifuges for the most demanding environments. Labwe manufactures and provides blood bank centrifuge, high speed refrigerated centrifuges, large capacity centrifuges, clinical centrifuges, sero centrifuges, TCT centrifuges and micto hematocrit centrifuges to serve the needs of the world's laboratory and medical community.


In every labwe centrifuges you'll find brilliant but practical design, keen attention to detail in every phase of the fabrication and assembly process, thoroughly tested, outstanding value, and dependable service. These are the foundation for labwe international reputation, and practical reasons why labwe is universally recognized as the ideal centrifuges supplier.

Made in China and sells all over the world. 

Labwe manufactures the centrifuges used in medical center, laboratory, clinical and blood bank station, also used in the pharmaceutical area, bio-chemical area and new material area.

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