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Medlab Middle East ​2019
Medlab Middle East 2019
MEDLAB is the flagship exhibition and congress of the MEDLAB Series portfolio, a collection of leading laboratory and diagnostics exhibitions and conferences worldwide, spanning across the Middle East, Asia, East/West Africa, Europe and the US. 

As the largest attended laboratory expo worldwide, MEDLAB stems from 15 years of growth alongside the MENA region's largest healthcare gathering, Arab Health. Moving into its 2nd year as a stand-alone show given its vigorous growth, this annual laboratory meeting is set to welcome over 600 exhibitors and more than 25,000 attendees from 129+ countries. 

Medlab Middle East is the
 only clinical laboratory industry event that offers manufacturers the opportunity to meet a diverse audience of buyers from all around the world. From distributors to senior end-users, the 2020 edition is set to welcome over 25,800+ laboratory and trade professionals in sought of the latest innovations.

45% of the 25,800+ professional visits of 2019 were distributors. With such a stong representation of buyers in attendance already, the upcoming edition will undoubtedly offer you an even broader network of distributors. Supported by an extensive marketing and PR campaign, the show’s outreach stretches across all regions fitting to market demand.

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